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  EAE - Euro Assistance Elettromeccanica
di Vito Cirrottola
  Via Della Roverella,46
70022 Altamura (Bari) - Italy
Tel. +39 080.3149602 (Centralino)
Tel. +39 080.3150268 (Area Tecnica)
Fax + 39 080.3161035
  Sector of activity

Feasibility studies and technical consultancy
Feasibility studies
With the aid of our specialist technicians, we are able to provide an expert service of global assessment for a project, always taking into consideration those requirements expressed by the Buyer.
Our technicians carry out:
• Analysis of the problem
• Analysis of solutions to be put forward
• An assessment of the technical solutions, also in economic terms

Technical consultancy
We offer expert technical consultancy relating to installations: industrial, civil and automation of processes, on installations that use renewable sources of energy (photovoltaic, solar, thermal, eolic, biomass, etc.). Such possibilities are a result of our know how, honed through years of experience in the specific field of the realization of installations for the production and distribution of energy, whether at Low or Medium Voltage, electroinstrumental type installations and industrial and civil automation installations carried out at important industrial sites and for public bodies who have entrusted us with important orders.

Installation Planning
We assist the Client with the planning and execution of different typologies of installation.
Each activity is planned together with and approved by the client, in order to complete the planning to the full satisfaction of the Buyer.

We carry out:
• Preliminary planning of the installations
• Drawing up of the executive planning
• Technical and bid specifications
• Reports and measuring of installations
• List of tasks, metric calculation estimates
• Certification and testing
• Certification and energetic assessments
• Energetic requalifications

Renewable sources
We deal with support, planning, supply and installation of solar, thermal and photovoltaic installations along with renewable sources of energy. We offer support in the area of bureaucratic practices required to obtain financing through “Conto energia”, providing consultancy on tax concessions at the energetic requalification stage (discount of 55%) as dictated by the law and by the “Green Certificates”.
By preventing any circumstances relating to those materials installed which could be problematic both for the installations and therefore for the client, we guarantee the quality of the product supplied.
We are all in a position today to take advantage of a great opportunity: to improve the quality of our lives through the use of new types of technology which have a low impact on the environment.
Furthermore, the funds provided by the State relating to this opportunity allow for an economic benefit, permitting the doubling of capital invested in energy.
We offer free quotes, accompanied by a complete and reliable plan of investment.

A photovoltaic installation is a device able to convert energy FREELY radiated by the sun in the form of electrical energy which can be used directly to feed electro domestic appliances and domestic lighting.
The installation comprises 3 fundamental components: the photovoltaic generator, formed from a series of panels positioned directly on the roof for the purposes of conversion of luminous radiation in electrical energy; the inverter, able to transform energy sourced from photovoltaic modules in alternate electrical current which can be used immediately or absorbed by a network; the meters are necessary to quantify how much energy the installation produces, how much energy is consumed on site and how much energy is provided to the network.
In terms of how much roof space an installation occupies, considering only the surface covered by the panels, an indicative value is of around 8-10 m2 per kW of nominal power installed.
Using as a reference an installation of 1 KW of nominal power with optimal positioning and inclination, absence of shade and not equipped with “sun tracking” devices, it is possible to estimate the following maximum annual quantities of production within Italy:

• northern regions 1,100 kWh/year
• central regions 1,400 kWh/year
• southern regions 1,600 kWh/year Using this information, it is possible to calculate how a roof inclined at 30° and pointed in a southerly direction can maximize the energetic production of the installation and thus its economic benefit. According to this average information, a photovoltaic installation of 3KWp produces 3,300 kWh of electrical energy annually.

Contact us to find out how much you would save with a device installed in your home.

Solar thermic
Thermal solar is a form of technology which has been used for decades for the production of domestic hot water for the purposes of heating, drying, sterilization, desalination and for the cooking of food.
Thermal solar energy is used in the following fields:
• flat and vacuum solar collectors for the production of hot water for domestic use, heating and pre-heating of process water.
• flat solar air collectors
• concentrators for electrical generation and process heat.

We are able to offer and carry out:
• Reporting of plans for solar thermic systems of average consumption
• Supply and installation of solar thermic systems in offices
• Solar thermic installations with natural and forced circulation
• Solar thermic installations for the heating of domestic water

Eolic and Waste Management
We provide planning and installation of installations which exploit renewable sources which are currently more competitive.
We carry out eolic installations in medium sized parks as well as minieolic installations for on-site production of electrical energy.
Each activity is preceded by a careful assessment of the potential impact on the environment with subsequent requests for all authorization required.

Waste Management
We supply planning and installation of devices for the selection, cleansing and compressing of rubbish with a sales centre and assistance for the southern centre of ZAGIB S.p.A.

Our Installations
We offer the customer a wide range of services with the maximum attention, technology and superior quality.
Below are listed a selection of the installations and services we offer:

• Civil and industrial electrical installations which are new or need to be renewed with regard to the legislative requirements and using the best materials and brands available on the market.
• Video entry phone systems
• MY HOME installations
• Installation plans
• Management of sites
• Centralized suction plants
• Rediffusion installations
• Protected installations, watertight, explosion-proof, for the distribution of energy at low and medium voltage
• Protection against atmospheric discharge
• Medium and low voltage substations, transformation/distribution
• Switchboards
• Power factor correction
• Fluid installations

In order to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements, we work closely with them from the initial stages of the job which is to be undertaken.
It is possible to start off with a plan supplied by the customer or to carry out on-the-spot inspections on the sites, developing a detailed project using the main pieces of software available on the market and employing the services of our specialist technicians present in the firm.
The state of execution of the works being carried out is constantly monitored during the realization of the installation by studying photos which will remain as testimony to the activities carried out.

Electrical and technological civil and industrial installations
We plan and carry out electrical civil and industrial installations (residential and commercial construction) of new residences and the renovation of extra-regulatory installations, in adherence to regulatory requirements using the best materials available on the market.
Besides those activities of installation, we supply a service of transformation, extension, modernization – both ordinary and extraordinary – of installations.
We realize and plan switchboards for industrial and artisan production companies.

Switchboards and public illumination
We plan and realize Distribution and Automation switchboards, using products which have been tested and certified against the regulations currently in force which thus guarantees a superior level of quality, reliability and a high level of service.
We offer the customer services relating to planning along with a design studio.
Furthermore, we are able to offer assistance and guarantees on solutions which are always innovative. We study and personalize new and innovative products with the client, whilst staying abreast of changes in technology.
Our products are manufactured based on the needs of customers and we provide just the right image of professionalism and quality sought after in today’s climate.

Public illumination
We carry out installations of public lighting, whether of the traditional type or that which is more modern, such as LED illumination technology, from the perspective of optimization of use.
We offer consultancy and assistance for the purposes of creating the most efficient solution and, even better, which can be integrated within the reality of installation.
We carry out installations of sporting illumination using the appropriate lighting wattage and creating the best conditions of visibility.

Detection of fires and gas
Depending upon the environment, upon need and opportunity, we are able to propose a combination of solutions and measures in order to prevent and manage the risk of fire.
We use centers which are characterized by the most innovative technological solutions within the sphere of detecting fires: digital loop protocol, management of multi-sensor detectors, agorhythms of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
These features and the available range of planned elements also for particular applications (for example intrinsic security and infrared multi channel flame detectors) allow us to offer the market the best applicative solution for the purposes of fire detection, which can be extended and updated.
We carry out suction installations, fire detection and fiber optic linear detection by temperature, providing a complete panorama of solutions to problems.
We install devices to detect gas leaks, with planning adequate for the specific use, with appropriate sensors and automatic valve closures.

Transformer Stations MT/BT
We offer the supply and installation of Medium Voltage Transformer Stations (20, 10 kV) which represents for the EAE a sector of extremely significant specialization.
MT stations can be full view, standardized and prefabricated. Both types must however conform to CEI regulations CEI (CEI17-6 file 2056, CEI11-8, CEI11-1, CEI17-9).
Furthermore, we carry out a careful examination of the coordination of protection systems; we respect high standards of security that can be summed up in the following phases of working:

1. Preliminary and executive planning
Co-ordinated study of electrical protections in MT, earthing systems, protection against the danger of explosions or of internal arcs , electric power supplies of security.

2. Quality control
In the form of: rating of suppliers, acquisition and acceptance of materials, preassembly and assembly of devices, checks and final testing.

3. Installation
Respect of the distances between the various components of the system, cables tightening in the terminal clamps, monitoring of the aeration conditions and box transformer ventilation, correct execution of all the anchorages of the bar or cable connections, execution of a complete and accurate test before putting into service of the installation according to security directives of Legislative Decree 81/2008

4. Maintenance
A correct maintenance of the manoeuvring apparatuses is the base for the safe and economically favourable management of a system in order to avoid or unproductive services or unexpected events.

Access Control and presences
We supply integrated systems of access control and presence detection through physical, electronic, information and organizational protection for hotels, airports, banks, nursing homes and hospitals, commercial centres, industries, residences, schools and universities and post offices. Badges and cards, revolving doors, patrolling, queue management, magnetic readers, proximity automatic parking, number plate recognition, control of pedestrian passages.
A management station is the base for the configuration of the entire system.
The pc with management Software installed allows:

• the management of uploading/downloading of data recorded by portable readers
• the saving on file and printing of reports filtered by data, user, reader, etc.
• possible interface with other systems for the processing both on the pc platform and the HOST computer

We realize and install systems for the ideal solution of problems linked to CODA in all circumstances and environments characterized by the presence of a certain number of counters and operators (bank institutes, post offices, administrative offices, supermarkets etc.).
The system works through a radio connection that has the great advantage of not requiring the laying of any connection cable with a consequent saving on installation times and costs in general.
We have at our disposal different parking management systems and control of motor vehicles transit, with a distinction between habitual and occasional users, recognition systems (ZTL) and radio recognition (telepass).
We install and design turnstiles for the control of pedestrian passages.

Video surveillance
We supply devices and systems of video surveillance of high quality (ISO 9001, IMQ ALARM for all levels of risk, a 24 hour technical presence throughout the whole of Italy) to:
• Banks, Self Banking areas, financial outlets
• Large wholesalers evermore concerned about protecting premises and clientele
• Retail distribution, also taking advantage of those incentives established by Provinces and Municipalities at a local level
• Entertainment venues such as multi-cinemas, gyms, nightclubs, theatres, stadiums, sport centres
• Private residences
• Public Administration and Public Security Forces, interested in increasing the level of surveillance of the area (roads and squares, railway stations, buildings) and we guarantee a truly global fully inclusive security service of systems, maintenance, tele-control and tele-management, and possible training which could include e-learning.

Fire-fighting installations
We design and install all kinds of fire-fighting installations:
• Sprinklers
• UNI type boxes
• Underground and over ground hydrant networks
• Switching off of CO2 – inert gas
• Pumping station

These systems are at the basis of the active protection against fires in environments where maximum security is required.
Of course the choice of the fire-fighting installation suitable and ideal for the protection of people, of activities and assets is founded on the assessment of the kind of risk present in the places to be protected.
In this specific sector of fire-fighting installation, our aim is to constantly address environmental issues and to arrange for the suitable disposal of those substances harmful to the ozone such as Halons.

Data and Signal Installation
The physical installation of Lan networks with the possibility of sharing data and programs between more users has become an essential necessity for many enterprises.
Wireless Networks
We realize physically wireless networks, allowing enterprises the possibility of fully exploiting the concept of mobility and avoiding complicated and lengthy cable installations.
Token Ring
Based on UTP/FTP technology and on monomodal and mutimodal Fibre optics.
Video telephonic systems
Video entryphone systems
Structured cabling
Switchboard and software configuration that meets requirements.

Technological installations
Domotics and building automation
Our aim is to simplify both management of comforts and the control of all essential installations of any housing, working or recreational system. For this, we rely on the trustworthy and reliable technologies of great productive establishments, on the guaranteed freedom of choice of affirmed standards, on the competence of our technicians who undergo continuous training.
We realize systems which are remotely manageable, with easy access points, such as touch panel stations.

Industrial Automation
Moving systems built by OMT and PLC systems are numerous and standard.
Each of them is dedicated to different uses, for the purposes of internal movement and goods handling. We offer keys in hand solutions in the sector of industrial automation:
• Planning and integration of logistic systems, in the management and control of electrical installations of the agricultural and food industry
• Material handling
• Systems of handling and storage
• Automation and management software
• Airports
• Management of check-in operations
• Baggage management
• Statistics
• MES Manufacturing Execution Systems: data and information for the industry
• RFID Radio Frequency Identification Systems of automatic identification for logistic and productive applications

Supply of systems: TAG, portable readers, portals/reading gates. Integration with information business systems.

Electro-Instrumental Systems
We realize the planning, production, installation and maintenance of installations which are highly technological in nature. We are specialized in electro-instrumental systems on skid and package. In this field we realize electrical and pneumatic connections of instruments mounted on the system.
The know-how acquired allows us to operate on every typology of installation.
In our systems we use both cable trays as well as threaded cable conduits, certified components, armour cable, heating cables and mineral insulation. We also offer connections of air instrumental process through tubing (of every type) and compression fitting, as well as a collector of air distribution for services; such mountings are carried out in compliance with hooks up and , in any case always on the basis of those physical principles that characterize the quantities to be measured (presence of gas, liquids, vapours, condensation, pressure or vacuum…).
Furthermore, we offer the service of planning for electro-instrumental installation and of the process for automation and systems management on skids and packages: from the electrical planning to control panel both in water proof and explosion-proof execution, to instrumental hook-up, P&I, logic diagrams, purchase specifications, descriptions of functioning and all documentation necessary for planning and functional description of the system.

Thermal-electric power stations
We offer installation and complete renovation of thermal-electric power stations, maintenance, welding of steel piping, search for leaks and repairs on centralized systems, insulation of piping and realization of internal and external chimney flues.
We propose new generation boilers for the purpose of economic heating methods, energy saving, reducing harmful emissions, realizing operations utilizing tax concessions; we are talking about condensation boilers where useful output is very high on low heat value. We propose boilers with cast iron base, high efficiency boilers using both traditional and alternative fuels.
Moreover, we deal with digital temperature regulations for boilers, assistance, controls and inspections. Integration and redesign with “ solar thermal “ installations.

Hydro - sanitary installations
We carry out the planning and execution of hydro-sanitary installations both of new construction and of renovated installations in compliance with regulatory requirements.
The pipes for the realization of external networks can be in polyethylene, PVC or in zinc coated steel. We assess the type of hydro system to be installed within the building, the proportioning and testing calculations for the determination of the diameters of pipes.
For internal distribution, steel, multilayer, copper or plastic pipes are used.
Furthermore, buildings must be equipped with a system for the removal of water used.
The main purpose of such a system is the controlled removal of water used in order to avoid risk to health. We realize, therefore, systems of waste water disposal, with any treatment of the same, and determine specific requirements for ventilation and acoustic insulation. We also realize systems for the treatment of water of rain water.

Heating and cooling
We realize conditioning systems in order to:
• maintain environmental conditions appropriate for the preservation of goods
• maintain environmental conditions appropriate for he preservation of foods
• to allow for the correct operation of devices, thanks to the realization of a conditioning system which removes heat generated by such operations and keeping the temperature of the premises to within admissible limits with regards to the technology employed
• to improve the physical well-being of people involved in the task

For the realization of every conditioning system we have a qualified staff of technicians and installers that will coordinate the work to be done with efficiency.
We realize conditioning systems of every typology:
• Geothermic
• Using radiant panels
• Integrated with solar sources
• Integrated with stoves
• Traditional
• Floor
• Skirting board
• Ventilation system
• Aeration system

Repairs and Maintenance
Thanks to laboratory division housing a highly qualified team of staff and with a consolidated experience, we offer electro mechanical repairs on industrial machines, generators, electrical tools and electrical engines.
At our premises, control panels are constructed, tested and approved using modern and sophisticated devices before being transported and installed at the relevant construction sites.
Components and electronic systems are tested and programmed in our electronic laboratory plants before being installed.
In the electromechanical laboratory, repairs of electrical engines and electric pumps are carried out which, before being delivered, are subject to a series of tests of measurement capacity and prevalence.

We offer a very important service of maintenance on every one of our installations, in the effort to satisfy promptly all of our customers’ requirements, for which reason we offer:

• Systems management with scheduled visits
• Assistance and availability
• Tele-assistance

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